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Normally, I’m not one to “blow my own whistle”, however since this page is all “about me”... here goes...

I am a national award winning photographer with over 25 years behind the camera. Photography is a passion of artistic expression for me. I absolutely love photography because photographs have an ability to tell stories, show us what is real, hint at what could be, and serve as a means to remember times gone by.

For me, photography is as much Art, as it is documentary. My style of photography utilizes an artist’s vision and melds it with a photojournalistic approach to yield a unique style of photography.

I’m a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of South Carolina. My photographs have appeared in magazines, on-line publications and newspapers around the world. Currently, in addition to my own commercial and personal photography, I am a freelance photographer for The State Newspaper in Columbia, SC.

My commercial photographic experience includes weddings, portraiture, corporate events, photojournalism, NASCAR racing and shooting “behind the scenes” for the television production Extreme Makeover: Home EditionTM (EM:HE). I have been on-location and photographed over a dozen EM:HE projects around the country, including: Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, Atlanta, New York, Tallahassee, Raleigh, New Orleans, and the series finale in Joplin, Mo.

Click here for more info about my experience with EM:HE.

My personal photography projects cover a wide range of interests, including landscapes, old barns, old cars, abandoned buildings, cityscapes, air planes, travel, macro (extreme close-up) and volunteering to shoot for The SC Special Olympics. Also, regarding my personal “artistic” work, I won 1st Place (Landscape category) in Canon's first ever Annual National Parks Contest.

Another great joy for me in the world of photography is helping others learn to take (and process) great photographs, and to that end I conduct photography workshops from time to time. I love to watch people when they have that “I get it” moment. Through these workshops I truly feel that I receive far more than I give, by helping others become better photographers!