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Workshops, Photo Tours, 1-on-1 Training Lessons & Speaking Engagements

One of the great joys of photography for me is helping folks take great photographs.  As a result I have presented at clubs and other photography organizations, I have lead workshops around the country as well as taught photography classes on various aspects of photography.  In addition to workshops and classesI also offer 1-On-1 Personal Photography Lessons for individual clients who prefer personal interaction vs. a classroom setting.

Something to Think About

Are you like many people who spend a lot of money on photography equipment and software in an effort to make better photographs?  Why not invest in the knowledge of how to get the most out of the equipment you've invested so much into?  Education and knowledge is just as valuable as photo equipment (if not more valuable).



For more information on upcoming Workshops, Classes & Speaking Engagements, as well as the Personal 1-on-1 Training that I offer, please select from the following:




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