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Personal 1-on-1 Photography Training

Get personal 1-on-1 photography training from a national award winning professional photographer (Bart Baldwin) to improve you photographic knowledge and skills.  Regardless of whether you are just beginning or if you've been shooting for years, Bart will customize your training to fit your skill level as well as to target the specific areas of photography that you would like to improve.

Something to Think About

Are you like many people who spend a lot of money on photography equipment and software in an effort to make better photographs?  Why not invest in the knowledge of how to get the most out of the equipment you've invested so much into?  Education and knowledge is just as valuable as photo equipment (if not more valuable).

The following is a short list of some of the areas of photography that you can choose from for your training:

  • Basic Photography Principals
  • Understanding Exposure
  • Understanding Camera Settings
  • Lenses - What do all the numbers mean?
  • Portrait Photography (Studio or Outdoors)
  • Studio Lighting Techniques
  • Flash Photography (Indoors and/or Outdoors)
  • Action / Motion Photography
  • Night Photography
  • Macro Photography
  • Post Processing Basics
  • Moderate and Advanced Post Processing with:
    • Photoshop
    • Lightroom
    • The NIK Collection
    • On1 Photo 10

Special 1-on-1 Training Perk:

When you pay for any of my Personal 1-on-1 Photography Training packages (below) you will receive a credit of 50% of the package price to be used toward the regular/full price of any of the Workshops or Photo Tours that I offer.  How's that for a good deal!?!?!?


I offer personal 1-on-1 training at the rate of $50 per hour in three different packages.  I offer a 5 hour package, a 10 hour package and a 20 hour package.  The training is generally conducted at my studio, HOWEVER, if you prefer we can meet at your home or at a place of your choosing*.


Package Options:



*Note:  There are no travel fees assuming that the place of training is within a 15 mile radius from my studio.  Training locations outside of the 15 mile radius from my studio will be assessed a travel charge of $25 per hour for the total travel time (the travel charge may be taken out of the selected package if you so choose).



If you have any question about this special, please contact me at:


- Email:


- Phone:  (803) 386-8870